Our role in the green transition

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Our distinct fund strategies tap into the main trends in the green transition and enable investors to invest in the decarbonisation of both the power and hard-to-abate sectors.

Up until recently, the green energy transition was driven by pledges by governments around the globe to achieve net-zero. All major economies committed to ambitious emissions reduction targets, including investments in clean energy infrastructure. Governments, as well as the private sector, pledged to accelerate the transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

In recent years, this development was further accelerated by an immediate need to secure predictable energy supply at affordable prices. Renewables are also, in many cases and markets, cost-competitive with fossil fuels. Consequently, the opportunities to scale-up renewable infrastructure are historically plentiful and demand for renewables has increased subsequently.

30 Years of Double-digit Growth

Renewables power generation need to grow by double-digits for three decades if net-zero is to be achieved. This will be driven by decarbonisation of the power market, electrification of transportation, buildings, and industries, and indirect green power demand from the growth of the Power-to-X technology. 

If we are to succeed with the green energy transition, we need to integrate an increasing share of intermittent power from solar and wind into the energy system. This requires significant upgrade and expansion of the electricity grid and the use of flexible sources such as batteries for balancing and Power-to-X. The energy transition is already experiencing bottlenecks and it will be critical for participants, including CIP, to address and mitigate these to further accelerate the pace of the renewable build-out.

CIP’s Unique Position

All of CIP’s funds seek to invest in renewable energy infrastructure projects which can assist in transitioning the global economy into a net-zero emissions scenario by 2050. The world’s energy sector will continue to develop new technologies and there will be significant growth in renewables. CIP will continue to harness these sectoral developments by innovating and investing capital in attractive opportunities resulting from the energy transition to net-zero and expanding its offering to investors.

Each of the fund strategies for our major Funds – The Flagship Funds I-V, The Growth Markets Funds (CI GMF I-II), The Green Credit Fund (CI GCF I), The Energy Transition Fund (CI ETF I) and the Advanced Bioenergy Fund (CI ABF I) - tap into the main energy transition trends through a focus on technological development and integrated renewable energy systems.

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