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A career at CIP will give you the opportunity to help accelerate the green energy transition while learning, exploring and developing. Since our start in 2012, we have been able to hire talent from the large and growing renewable energy industry while also being able to attract young talent directly from universities. 

We favour collaborative, entrepreneurial and disciplined individuals, as these attributes reflect our approach to investing. As an organisation, we are known for fast decision processes, and we pride ourselves on being flexible, easy to work with and getting things done. 

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We spend a substantial amount of time ensuring the right talent is recruited. Hiring plans are monitored to ensure alignment with the strategy, and the recruiting process entails a combination of qualitative and quantitative tests, candidate assessments and background checks.

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Analyst program

We run an Analyst Programme for bachelor and master students, and we have a global development programme to support their potential transition to full-time employees. Our Analysts are working in an integrated manner with the full-time employees in CIP, and the programme is a strong recruitment channel for junior positions across all teams in CIP. The students are offered a full-time position upon graduation if they have delivered strong performance during their time with us. In 2022, approximately 20% of our Analysts were offered full-time positions.

So that's very exciting every day to be a part of a project that moves so fast and that are so real and concrete and have an actual impact on our planet and the green agenda in general.
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