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Green Energy

We have the project pipeline, the fund strategies, and the technological and financial resources to make a significant and meaningful contribution to the green transition.

How we build value

We are a fund manager and an industry-based energy entrepreneur. The ability to effectively link energy projects and capital is at the heart of our success. And we seek to create value for investors by capturing the greenfield premium, and by having a dedicated focus on de-risking as well as leveraging a global presence and a strong network of partner companies.

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Our role in the green transition

All of CIP’s funds invest in renewable energy infrastructure projects which assist in transitioning the global economy into a net-zero emissions scenario by 2050. And our distinct fund strategies tap into the main transition trends – enabling investors to invest in the decarbonisation of both the power and hard-to-abate sectors.

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ESG commitment

CIP Funds offer access to investments with significant environmental and societal impact. Our objective as a fund manager is to create value for investors, and our environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards are a prerequisite to creating and protecting this value. To do this we integrate ESG throughout the investment process and at the project level.

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