Building long-term careers

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In CIP you will find the leading experts in turning large-scale renewable energy projects into financial products. Joining CIP, you will be part of a team with the leading experts in our line of business and grow your knowledge and skills on a day to day basis by working together in specialists teams.

Come work with us and learn from the best! You will be joining a team of experts in turning large-scale renewable energy projects into financial products – and the best and the brightest in our line of work. 

You will be able to grow your knowledge and skills daily by working together in cross functional teams and by participating in our professional masterclasses offered to CIP employees, with access to state-of-the art knowledge and experience from our in-house specialists. 

We not only build long term relationships with our investors, but we also invest long term in our employees, based on a belief that their success is our success.

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The CIP Academy

We want to develop the next generation of leaders and specialists in renewables, and we nurture in-house talents from the very start of their careers by providing them with opportunities to continue learning and developing throughout their time with us. Our in-house three-tier personal development programme, the CIP Academy, is an established training and development initiative with recurring courses and programmes for our employees and customised for different tenures and positions. It is designed to strengthen our employees’ understanding of their assets and development areas to build stronger teams, culture and cooperation.

CIP is on a significant growth journey which means that there is always a lot of opportunities and ways to influence our growing company.
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We spend a substantial amount of time ensuring the right talent is recruited. 

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