What we build

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We focus on investments in greenfield energy infrastructure projects and have a global, market-leading portfolio of green energy projects with a primary focus on offshore wind, onshore wind and solar PV, energy storage, Power-to-X, Waste-to-X, and other renewable technologies.

Offshore and onshore wind

Wind is a clean, free, and abundant energy source. It offers one of the most economical sources of electricity in most countries across the world and has a vital role to play in the green transition.  

Since the construction of the first offshore wind farm back in the 1990’es, we have applied our industrial approach to develop large and complex renewable offshore projects with high impact. CIP is market leader and has one of the world’s largest pipelines of offshore wind projects. And with a large portfolio of projects in different stages of development, we are well positioned to lead the commercialization of floating offshore wind in the years ahead.

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Solar PV

Solar energy is an essential source of renewable energy and one of the fastest growing. Solar PV technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels This energy can be used to generate electricity or be stored in batteries or thermal storage.

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Power-to-X is essential in achieving a carbon neutral society that meets an increasing demand for energy.

Our Power-to-X projects deploys large-scale industrial use of electrolysis-technology on GW-level to produce ammonia. This enables decarbonisation of sectors such as transport and chemicals, where historically there have been no renewable alternatives at scale.

With our CI Energy Transition Fund I we have raised the largest dedicated clean hydrogen fund globally and built a market leading portfolio of Power-to-X projects with total capacity of more than 20GW. One of these is the Murchison Renewable Hydrogen Project in Australia.

Advanced Bioenergy/Waste to X

Wastes represent a significant and underutilized set of feedstocks for renewable fuel and energy generation. Waste wood, agricultural biowaste, and household and industrial biowaste can be used to produce biofuels, bioproduct precursors, heat, and electricity. And advanced biofuel technologies create high value products and recirculate nutrients compared to the traditional incineration process. 

Our CI Advanced Bioenergy Fund I focus on investments towards the production of advanced biofuels and biogas. The offtake products include green gas and green fuels, such as renewable natural gas (RNG), liquified natural gas (bio-LNG), and 2nd generation bioethanol. In Tønder, Denmark, we are building Tønder Biogas, set to become one of Europe's biggest biogas facilities.

Battery/Energy Storage

Battery storage technologies are essential to speed up the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy and will play an increasingly pivotal role between green energy supplies and demands. Battery storage provide the energy storage needed to address imbalances between generation and supply and to ensure a better system integration of renewables. 

In the UK we are developing a portfolio of battery storage facilities that will ease the congestion of energy transmission, enabling future increases in renewable capacity and lowering consumer costs.