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Management Company and Fund structures

Our corporate structure comprises three management companies: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners I K/S (CIP I K/S), Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners II P/S (CIP II P/S) and the primary management company, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners P/S (CIP P/S). The structure for each of the management companies is common among private equity fund managers. 

The model below shows the structure for CIP P/S *.  A separate structure exists for funds managed by CIP K/S and CIP II P/S. But no new activities are expected in CIP I K/S or CIP II P/S and all future Copenhagen Infrastructure funds will expectedly be managed exclusively by CIP P/S under CIP’s current licence with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. 

Governance Structure AR23
The model is for illustration purposes only and does not constitute an exact representation of the company and fund structure of CIP

Each management company manages one or more of the Copenhagen Infrastructure investment funds and oversees their globally based investments. The investment funds are either domiciled in Denmark or in Luxembourg and hold the investments through standard investment platform and/or holding company structures. This set-up allows CIP to combine industrial insight and financial expertise and aim to secure our investors risk-adjusted returns and limit unnecessary liability and risk. 

Our investment funds are generally structured in accordance with globally recognised guidelines with limited partnership structures - in our case with the main fund vehicles based either in Denmark or Luxembourg, and with potential parallel and/or feeder funds set-up in the same jurisdictions. This structure is established for the purpose of allowing international investors to invest in the funds and yields no tax benefit for CIP.

Feeder funds ensure greater availability and accessibility of CIP funds for a wider range of investors. The Sponsor Investor scheme allow CIP’s equity owners, Partner Group and key employees to co-invest in investment funds with the aim of securing alignment of interests between our investors and the management team. 

CIP P/S has further invested in CIP Management Holding ApS, which holds management companies in the US, Japan, Korea, Germany, Australia, Spain, Singapore, UK and Luxembourg.