How we build value

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We create value for investors by capturing the greenfield premium, and by having a dedicated focus on de-risking as well as leveraging a global presence and a strong network of partner companies.

Since 2012, we have created value for investors by acting as an efficient link between energy projects and capital. Our combination of industrial know-how and capacity to innovate ensures the necessary speed, momentum and agility in our many energy projects around the world. And by entering them at an early stage in their lifecycle, we aim to ensure a solid risk-adjusted return for our investors through our continued and diligent de-risking approach and leveraging a global partner network. 

Capturing the Greenfield Premium

A key part of our value creation strategy is the ability to capture the attractive greenfield premium and create de-risked and robust structures with the targeted risk/return profile. We offer experience and ability among financial investors to deliver large, capital-intensive and highly complex greenfield energy infrastructure projects globally. 

Flagship Fund Model

CIP focuses on investments in greenfield energy infrastructure projects, with project entry prior to Financial Close. By entering at an early stage, we get access to some of the most attractive investment opportunities and are capable of further de-risking and optimising the projects. Furthermore, as a greenfield investor we can typically influence suppliers and support the ESG agenda applied to the project.

De-risking Focus 

De-risking the investments is an essential part of CIP’s investment strategy. It is implemented at portfolio and project level through diversification limits to ensure diversification across technologies and regions. In addition, CIP operates with risk limits, e.g. on financial leverage, energy price and single investment size risk.

At the project level, CIP focuses significantly on de-risking before making the final investment decision. And we choose projects and industrial partners carefully and allocate risks to the party most capable of managing them. Additionally, we reduce project risk through our cautious approach to financial leverage and focus on long-term contracting and merchant risk exposure. 

Global Set-up – Local Execution 

CIP has established an extensive international network of industry relationships across the renewable energy sector. This includes strong working relationships across all relevant main geographies with leading industry partners, such as utilities, developers, suppliers and contractors:

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These relationships are important in enabling CIP to enter attractive energy infrastructure investments early. And they have helped us to attract and select highly experienced construction management teams that have allowed us to establish a track record of developing and constructing more than 35 greenfield renewable projects with high execution certainty. 

Our collaboration with Copenhagen Infrastructure Service Company (CISC) is another key component of the execution power of the CIP platform. CISC is a service provider exclusively assisting CIP’s funds in building and operating our portfolio of green energy projects. CISC has numerous offices worldwide with small teams and lean organisations with standardised, scalable and flexible set-ups. They secure a local presence and represent the primary day-to-day project organisation, interact with contractors, and have the ability to implement best practices and exercise local management during the project construction and operating phases.

On offshore wind projects we work very closely with offshore wind specialist company, Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP). COP was established following an initiative by CIP and works exclusively for CIP on offshore wind development.