ESG report 2023

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CIP ESG Report 2023

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Climate action

Reducing emissions from our own operations

While emissions from CIP's own operations are a small fraction compared to the volume of emissions we avoided through our funds, we are committed to doing our part. Our Scope 1-3 GHG emissions target is as follows:

Scope 1 emissions target
Remain at 0% GHG emissions
Scope 2 emissions target
100% of electricity consumed is renewable by 2025
Scope 3 emissions target
Reduce Scope GHG emissions per FTE by 45%

To reach our climate target we have worked systematically to identify emission reduction potentials and integrate decarbonisation efforts into our ways of working and the way we run our offices. In 2023, as part of our efforts to reach our 2025 Scope 2 target, we switched to renewable electricity in our Tokyo office. Throughout 2023, our offices in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Tokyo all operated on renewable electricity. Additionally, we have invested in high-quality carbon removal offsets for unavoidable Scope 2 GHG emissions in 2022. In the past year, we have also initiated several initiatives to reduce our Scope 3 emissions, such as developing a Responsible Procurement Guide, developing a Global Office Checklist, and setting up decarbonisation for Office Managers.

Nature & resource stewardship

Biodiversity Action Plan

In 2023, CIP has developed and launched a Biodiversity Action Plan. Building on existing project-level best practices, the plan formalises our guiding principles that seeks to ensure biodiversity impacts are assessed and that measures for protecting and restoring biodiversity are implemented in future funds’ investments. Additionally, the Plan seeks to ensure biodiversity neutrality across future funds' investments. The Biodiversity Action Plan builds on existing project-level practices and contains three guiding principles:

Perform impact assessments to understand environmental and biodiversity impacts
Implement relevant measures to protect and restore biodiversity
Seek reporting on biodiversity impacts and measures taken to protect and restore biodiversity

Focus ahead

The adoption of CIP’s Biodiversity Action Plan will concretely and formally document our principal strategic initiatives within the biodiversity area. It will be further developed in years to come, to align with the emerging global best-practice frameworks and standards within biodiversity, many of which are still under development.

Veja Mate Germany 07
Expected commercial operation date
800 MW
Project capacity
USD 3mn
Investment in Marine Mammal Protection

Felix Studios Mulilo Feb 2024 219
440 MW
Total capacity of projects in operations
30 GW
Total capacity of development pipeline
USD 1.64 mn
Funds for community investment in 2023

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